Facete is a JavaScript application for browsing (spatial) data that is accessible via SPARQL endpoints. Source Code ยป


Note: There is a bug related to a race condition that sometimes causes Facete to not show the correct data when loading a saved state. If you experience this problem, either try to reload the page, or e.g. pan the map and change the number of items shown in the table for Facete to update its views.
This demo shows Facete on the Framework Programme 7 Information and Communication Technologies Project Partners dataset. As such, one can for example browse the partners of respective EU projects and also how much money they were granted. This dataset includes for instance the LOD2 project, under which Facete was partially funded. Initial View Information on the LOD2 Project
Facete showing the public information on airport bases available at the public European Environment Agency (EEA) Sparql Endpoint. Airbase Stations for industrial use in Germany
A Youtube video showing the Facete integration on the CSV-to-RDF wiki on publicdata.eu. On this wiki, users can edit mappings for converting CSV files to RDF. If such a mapping marks columns of a CSV file as longitude and latitude, the resulting RDF can be browsed with Facete. Watch the Screencast
Facete is in the process of being deployed at the Open Data Portal of the European Commission", accessible via the application section. Visit the Open Data Portal